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I’m Kriselda Gray. This site, at least initially, is to chronicle my learning how to crochet. Eventually, when I get to where I actually have tips to pass along or things I can teach, I’ll include that, also. In the meantime, here are some examples of my very earliest work. These are just practice swatches, but they’re the first things I’ve crocheted, and I’m putting them here to compare with my later work as I get better.

These swatches are done with absolute crap hooks and cotton yarn (Worsted yarns are by Loops & Threads, the DK yarns are from Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton.)

1st Swatch – single crochet. 1/7/24
2nd Swatch – single crochet. Using DK yarn instead of worsted. 1/7/24
3rd Swatch – Varigated yarn 1/7/24
4th Swatch – Straight Edges lesson – 1/7/24
1st double crochet swatch 1/8/2024
2nd double crochet swatch. Using DK yarn. 1/8/24
3rd double crochet swatch. Variegated thread. 1/8/24
1st Granny Square DK yarn, 1/9/24

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